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Chip Conveyors

Gadra Enterprises Inc is the exclusive representative for the Jorgensen chip conveyors in Canada.

Working together enables us to find the find the best solution for our customers. Please call us with your chip conveyor issue and the Gadra field service technician and the Jorgensen engineering team will offer a working solutions with competitive pricing

Since 1950, Mequon, Wisconsin based Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc has been a major manufacturer of conveyors, coolant filtration and material handling equipment for the metal working industries.

Jorgensen is a global supplier who leads the way in providing the broadest range of engineered conveyor and coolant filtration solutions for CNC machine tool chip removal and coolant filtration.

Jorgensen also designs and builds a complete line of process feeder conveyors for the recycling industry

Chip removal conveyor systems for metal cutting machine tools can include integrated coolant tank reservoirs, internal chip baskets and screens, pump mounting plates, pumps and complete controls. For very demanding applications where abrasive materials are being machined, or in higher production “24/7” environments, Jorgensen offers its innovative X-Treme Duty Conveyor design, providing wear resistant features for longer reliable conveyor performance and greater return on investment. The new Jorgensen Laserveyor® offers design features to meet the unique scrap and swarf removal needs seen in very difficult and abrasive CNC laser cutting machine applications.

Chip and scrap removal conveyor solutions for various CNC metal cutting machine tools such as lathes, turning centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers, drilling machines, screw machines, milling, punching, plasma cutting, laser cutting, and shearing machines, gantry/bridge mills, rotary transfer/dial machines, broaching and boring machines. Conveyor systems for handling all types and volumes of metal chips including steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, nickel and composites. Chip conveyors sized based on material type, chip type and volume, coolant type (water soluble, semi-synthetic, synthetic, oil) and coolant flow rate.

To meet the demands for cleaner coolant required in many of today’s metal cutting machine tools and machining processes, Jorgensen Conveyors offers the widest range of integrated filtration equipment solutions in the industry. The Jorgensen Filterveyor® and the patented Convey-R-Vac® designs offer effective and innovative permanent media filtration performance without the cost of consumable filter media. For more demanding filtration performance, Jorgensen offers its line of gravity and vacuum indexing roll media filtration equipment.

Jorgensen can provide complete coolant management and filtration system integration to include secondary filtration, high pressure and low pressure coolant delivery pumps, tramp oil removal, water and coolant make-up systems, coolant temperature control systems and complete controls.

Coolant filtration solutions for most machining processes including grinding, milling, drilling, turning, boring, and honing. Materials handled include steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, nickel alloy, plastics and composites. Systems for all types of coolants including water soluble, semi-synthetic, synthetic, and oils. Systems sized per the material type, material volume, chip type, coolant type and coolant flow rate.

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