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Integration of Components

Convert your machine and increase your capability to machine parts faster, cheaper and more accurately.

Convert your 3 axis machine into a full 4 or 5 axis CNC machine to give your machine the capability to machine parts faster, cheaper and more accurately. A rotary table and /or milling head allows for quick access to work-part surfaces in one setup that might take several setups with a conventional machine. Your setup time is reduced and setup errors are eliminated. Gadra Enterprises Inc will provide a complete turnkey installation in your facility. Our installation time can be as little as one day. Little or no involvement from the end-user is required. Machine operators and programmers will be completely trained before we leave.

Gadra Enterprises Inc. can take your machine to the next level too. A tilting rotary table provides all of the benefits of the 4th axis integration described above, plus it allows for rotation of the work-part in an additional axis. Most CNC controls are capable of supporting a fully integrated 5th axis, if yours cannot, Gadra Enterprises Inc. can provide a solution. An indexing control can be used for the tilting axis, or rotary axis, or for both. These indexers can communicate with your existing CNC to assure coordinated axis movement.

  • Rotary Tables
  • Pallet Changers
  • Milling Heads