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Machine Tool Components


AFS GmbH air purification devices are based on a mechanical filtering process. The combination of multi-level preliminary separation with different follow-up filtration / separation processes enable optimum results to be achieved in every case. The five-stage preliminary separator area contains re-usable metal mesh separators and filter fleeces together with a specially developed Longlife baffle plate separator. In particular, the self-cleaning, Longlife baffle plate separator ensures that all particles > 2.0 μm are completely separated. See the graphic showing the level of separation offered by various preliminary separating systems.


  • 99.95% Collection efficiency (DIN 24183)
  • Legal work place regulations (MAK values, TRG values)
  • No risk of explosion or fire
HALDER norm & technik

Halder Standard Parts (Machine and Fixture Elements, Clamping Elements, Operating Elements, Machine Elements, Basic Elements) - more than 6.000 articles according to DIN/ISO and factory standards workholding:

  • Modular Jig and Fixturing Systems (V40, V70, L12 and L16)
  • Dedicated Fixtures (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Zero-Point Clamping Systems(mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Basic Elements (Cubes, Angles, Pallets, Plates)
  • Soft-Face Mallets (Simplex, Supercraft, Black Craft, Secural, Ferroplex, MaxxCraft, Simplex-Splitting Maul)
  • Aviation (Flight-Pins, order production)

Transatlantic designs clamping force gages, HSK dimensional taper gage - indicator, HSK dimensional taper gage - pneumatic, spindle drive key gage, steep taper dimensional gages, HSK taper run out arbor and steep taper run out arbor.


  • Clamping force gages for all tool interfaces
  • Spindle run out arbors
  • HSK dimensional spindle gages
  • Steep taper dimensional spindle gages
Norelem / Novonox

Norelem views itself as part of a dynamic culture of innovation. We are continually expanding our product portfolio of standardized elements. That is why we have invested in modern logistical structures that enable us to react flexibly and promptly to customers' needs. And we expect the highest quality for our products.

What motivates us in this regard is the guiding principle of our enterprise: With the BIG GREEN BOOK we offer you a comprehensive full product range of standardized elements. THE BIG GREEN BOOK supports designers and engineers in implementing good ideas - as efficiently as possible.

We always think one step ahead and recognize the promotion of young talent as an important investment in the future. Taking responsibility and operating sustainably is deeply embedded in our company's values. We have to invest in the talent of today to realize the ideas of tomorrow.

Norelem offers flexible standard components, measuring and testing components, systems and components used with mechanical engineering and plant engineering


Measurement and Control Technology for Demanding Positioning Tasks

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. HEIDENHAIN products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.

With our extensive experience and know-how in the development and manufacture of measuring devices and numerical controls, we create the groundwork for the automation of tomorrow’s plants and production machines.