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Retools & Rebuilds

Our experience allows us to work on virtually any make or model of machine tool.

Our retool department is offers complete retools of your production machines; from fixture design to tooling including CNC and PLC programming. When purchasing a new machine is not in the budget, a retool, or retrofit is a sound economical alternative.

In a rebuild machine you experience like new performances at a fraction of the cost. We do a complete rebuild on all the critical components, which includes the spindle, rotary table and tool magazine. Depending on your machine style we either replace the linear rails including bearings or grind and scrape your box ways and Gibbs. We upgrade or exchange your outdated controller and servo drives to a new generation digital drive system. In most cases your machine process will improve, especially in contouring with two or more axis, resulting in a better finish of your part and therefore an improved quality and accuracy.


Rebuilding a CNC machine tool usually consists of a retrofit and some mechanical work, but not a complete re-manufacture.  Repairing or replacing ball screws is common, as is repairing a specific item on the machine tool. Depending on the extent of work required, rebuilds may be done at the customer's location or offsite at a re-builders.

No Limitations

At Gadra Enterprises, our experience allows us to work on virtually any make or model of machine tool. Even when the original manufacturer says:"it cannot be done." Gadra Enterprises will bring your used machine tool into the 21st Century. We have NO LIMITATIONS ! Call today for an evaluation of your machine tool.

  • Rebuild /Retrofit
  • Retooling
  • Programming
  • Electrical / Mechanical
  • Tooling

At a minimum, a retrofit consists of replacing the machine's control.  Retrofits are usually done at the customer's location, thereby saving downtime and transportation cost.  Machines that are in good condition are the best candidates for retrofits.  Many of the following components can also be replaced or added during a retrofit:

  • Axes servomotors and servo drives
  • Spindle motor and / or spindle drive
  • New electrical cabinet
  • Replacement of limit switches
  • Re-wire of the machine tool
  • New feedback devices such as glass scales