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Spindles - Setco

Gadra Enterprises Inc is proud to be the exclusive representative for Setco in Canada.

Belt-driven Designs

SETCO offers standard lines precision belt-driven spindles in Block, Cartridge, and Flange Cartridge configurations up to 200mm (7.874”) diameter shaft size.  These spindles are offered in a large variety of models and a full range of sizes for most any application; such as automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and winding, plastics, stone cutting and general metalworking industries.  

  • Standard Models and Configurations
  • High Speed Designs
  • Drop-in Replacement Spindles for Popular Machines
  • Custom Spindle Designs and Motor Drive Packages
  • Optional Tool Interfaces, Drawbars and Much More!

Motorized Designs

SETCO also offers standard lines of precision motorized spindles for CNC machine applications, which include grinding, milling, turning and special machine applications.  These spindles are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, including block, cartridge, flange, and foot-mounted styles.  Motorized spindles have a compact design, integral drive motors and provide smooth operation with less vibration than belt-driven designs.  For some applications, motorized spindles are capable of producing higher quality surface finishes. 

  • Standard Grinding, Milling and Boring Spindle Models
  • High Speed Spindle Designs
  • Custom Spindle Designs
  • Full Complement of Spindle Options and Accessories.

Gear-driven Designs

For those heavy duty boring and milling applications, SETCO offers standard lines of gear-driven spindles. Gear-driven spindles utilize internal helical gear sets and produce high torque for low speed applications. Standard gear-driven spindles are offered in gear ratios of 3:1, 5:1, and 10:1 and available in Parallel, Right-angle and Worm Gear configurations.

  • Block Housing Designs for Bolt-down Installation
  • Parallel, Right Angle, and Worm Gear Spindle Models
  • Standard Configurations
  • Optional Gear Ratios for Heavy Duty Applications.

Combination Spindle/Slide Modules

Combination Spindle & Slide Modules are the natural evolution for standardized building block engineering.  SETCO precision products-- spindles, slides, angle plates, swivels, etc-- are designed for "bolt-together" simplicity and offer low-cost and quick delivery for special machine tool builders.  From standard to custom, simple to complex, let SETCO provide a high performance spindle/slide solution for your next project. 

  • Standardized Building Block Designs
  • Bolt-together Simplicity with Exceptional Accuracy
  • Single and Multi-axis Stack-up Slide Arrangements
  • Dovetail, Hardened Way & Linear Rail Slide Configurations