We deal with all major manufacturers. Please call us if you require special parts or tooling.


Replacement Components

We are highly experienced with machining tools of almost all makers in the machine tool industry.

Considering our vast experience we have a great network to get spare parts for almost any main components.


  • Ceramic  spindle bearings (SNFA, FAG, GMN, SPL)
  • High precision spindle steel bearings ( SNFA, FAG, SPL)
  • Berg Spanntechnik (GmbH hydraulic mechanical clamping mechanism)
  • Ortlieb GmbH (collets, gripper, tool clamping)
  • Ott Jakob GmbH (Gripper assemblies, draw bars, rotary union, tool gages)
  • GAT (rotary unions)
  • Rohrs GmbH (spiral springs)IDG (specialty seals)
  • Roehm (gripper, draw bars)
  • CYCTEC (clamping systems)
  • IDG, Hunger (seals)
  • Heidenhain (glass scales and encoder)
  • Hennig, Eitec, Hema, Kabelschlepp (way covers)
  • KTC, Gifu (tool changer)
We have many items in stock at one of our locations:

Head Office - Canada - 905 688-6151

USA Office - 905 688-6151

Quebec Office - 905 688-6151